Swimming Buddy

I was excited when I woke up today! I knew that I was going swimming. In a pool!


This morning I made my way to a Kelly house and we headed to the L.A. Fitness for a swim/run. When we showed up the pool was being used for a class. Boo. P6232087

So we headed upstairs for the run portion. We got a good three miles in and headed down to the pool. Empty! It was ours for the taking. Smile


This is my second swim/run.. well run/swim that I have done and felt great! Even better that I got to do it Kelly. It was so cool cause I got to help Kelly out with her flip turn turn. Her strokes look really good though.P6232095

Go Kelly Go! Smile All in all we completed 3miles each on the treadmill and 800meters which was on my training plan for the day! Accomplished.

Once we left I was starving and decided I was in the mood for a smoothie with come crunch!


So I added one of these nifty little packets.P6232108

This was the final product. YUM!


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Epic Bike Ride!


Today I finally got my tire fixed on my bike so I could take a much needed bike ride with the ladies. I took it over to this awesome bike shop near my house. I had first gone over there last night got the tube and had plans to change it myself. I was doing it, till my lever broke. Sad Face. So today I thought I would first watch it be done by a pro. It was a good idea. My bike happens to have a different piece that fits to it for the air, the pro nicely replaced and filled her up!


There is nothing better than getting to ride bikes with friends! Such as Rachel and Kelly! I started my ride out with a couple shot blocks for some energy. Then we were on our way!


It was a smooth easy ride keeping the pace between 13-16mph. Which felt really good. We had gotten about half way through the ride. When just then! Something cool happened.

I realized this wasn’t just any ordinary bike ride… P6222094

Who needs a petty zoo when you can just have wild horses! Jackpot! I made two new friends.



Meet Blaze and Star. Beautiful horses. P6222099

A gentlemen happen to be standing with them when we were riding by so stopped and hung out for a few minutes.


We even got to feed them! Do you know what horses like to eat besides grass? They enjoy carrots and apples. The man that was there just happen to have some and let us help feed them! It was awesome! I Love Horses Smile


This is Blaze. He was really hungry and really likes carrots. I will be sure to carry some with me for next trip Winking smile


Afterwards I was out of water so I made a pit stop at Panera and got some. Thank goodness we did because I don’t think I would have made it back. For some reason the whole ride I was super dehydrated.


As we headed back to the trail head, I worked on my talent at picture taking and riding. Doing pretty well if I say so myself.


We had a great ride and I am really getting used to my Garmin. Finally. I have always had a little problem with turning it off and on. I think I got it down! I am getting more stoked about this tri that is less than a month a way!


Do you ride bikes? Do you prefer to ride with or without company?

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Sore Day

Today I woke up extremely sore. I decided it is probably because I have be pushing myself really hard. It isn’t a bad kind of sore. It is more like a good sore. The sore when your body is building and making itself stronger. I am working hard on trying to get my pace faster. I usually like running for long distance.. Slow and steady has always been good enough for me. This time I am working hard on getting faster for a short distance. So far my training has been going great. I have tried to follow along the best I can with my training plan that Rachel sent me. It is so hard when life gets in the way to actually follow through with something. I am trying to do my best, so I can be my best for the Triathlon. I am looking forward to making such a big accomplishment. I am also looking to having family and friends on my side and of course having a great time! photo

Yesterday started out with a simple run. I met up with Jackie and we headed out. We sweat a lot. It was already hot humid out. Florida summer weather is here! We just a quickie 2.4miler. Enough to get my heart racing and feel good about taking time to enjoy myself.

photo (1)

It was worth though because when we got back I got kisses from this little guy! Super cute! Jackie just adopted this little devil and named him Reggie. He is only 3months old and loves to give kisses, when you are sweaty. Winking smile  Good thing I took Claritin this morning.


Afterwards we headed out for the beach! We thought since it was so nice hot out we would go soak up some sun and ocean breeze. We ended spending more time in the water and less time sweating on the beach. It was great fun though.IMAG0616

There an older gentlemen learning how to surf. It just so happens I surf. I was more than happy to help out. FREE LESSONS! Winking smile It only took a couple minutes to go over basics, go over some tips and find his “sweet spot” on the board. With in FOUR tries he was standing up and out of breath. I had done my good deed for the day!6-16-2011 10;38;15 AM

I hope he keeps it up. Surfing is great for you. Speaking of surf. This weekend is Father Day; which means an epic surf day with my dad! I cannot wait! My dad and I have always been attached at the hip. Every weekend meant up early (like sunrise early) and headed down to the beach to meet with some friends and watch the surf. If it was good we would grab our boards and go if not.. I would nag till we headed for breakfast. I was always hungry! I have always spent father’s day at the beach with dad. Rain, Sun, Surf or no surf.

AMber and Dad

I cannot wait! ❤

For now I need to focus on getting a bike pump. After riding 2omiles the other day it ended with no air in my tires. Sad face. I actually struggle with the last two miles until we got back to the head of the trail and finally noticed I was VERY low on air. Opps…

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Personal Record(s)!


This past week was all about making my personal records in different activities! It all started with the bike ride I took with Kelly and Rachel. We took off and without thinking did 15 miles. The furthest I had ever ventured before on a bike! I was very impressed with myself. It felt good to PR and even better because I was with friends. DSCN9157 

The next adventure took place at Lucky lake with a great swim with friends. I set not only a personal record, but faced a deep dark fear. Swimming across a lake. Just showing up was a goal I accomplished. DSCN8294

Just when I thought I was done PRing I rode 20miles on Sunday with Kelly and Meaghann! It was incredible. If only I could PR while running now… I mean I know I have a PR somewhere. I just don’t remember wheat it was and where I put it… Must find important piece of paper.

After all the excitement from the past week I decided I should keep it up and try out my complex gym. It is free..I like to think part of my rent goes to keeping it up Winking smile 


I first started my workout on the treadmill and worked on getting some cardio in along with getting my heart rate up. I kept it at an easy pace and  once I got a good sweat going I decided to hit up the machines.


It has been a long time since I have actually used weight machines, so I decided to  keep it on the low weights and work on finishing 3sets of 10reps. I started with the butterfly curls, then the pull down with wrists out and then another 3sets with wrists facing out. I then moved on to 3 sets of 3different styles of sit ups.


Looking at these really makes me laugh. It shows some real intenseness.I ended the evening with a 20mintue cool down on the bike. IMAG0588

A totally of 60mintues consecutively at the gym! It felt great and my arms feel sore. Since I have been on such a roll I decided that tonight would be a great time to work on my running.



So I did a simple 1mile out and 1mile back followed by a .5 cool down! I. Was. Sweating. Florida heat is a killer for runners in the daylight hours. I am hoping this florida heat will just help make me stronger. Tonight I felt it just make me thirstier! I downed almost my entire Britta water keeper. It was full before I got to it.  Winking smile

IMAG0595 IMAG0596

Tomorrow I’m getting up early for a nice run in the A.M. with some friends. Looking forward to a nice cool run in the morning!

I am feeling great and I can feel me getting stronger! Sprint Triathlon here I come!



So I think that about does it for tonight. I am totally stoked for an awesome week of work outs and plan on keep it up!

Do you have a PR? Or PDR? If so what is it?

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My first swim at Lucky Lake

Ever heard of Lucky Lake? You will now. This is the time I swam across a lake and back.

IMAG0568 (1)

I remember all week telling myself “just breath”. It’s a beautiful lake that people have swam in time and time again. “You can do this!”. Then went I went to bed last night I remember telling myself okay, even if you can’t make it across the lake, trying is worth going. Because not going at all, is useless to me.


I have grown up in Florida and always swam in the oceans… with sharks. Why can’t I swim in a lake with gators? While making the drive over I drowned my thoughts out with loud music and singing as loud as I could with the windows down. IMAG0569

I made toast smothered in peanut butter ( I ended up eating it afterwards!), but was unable to eat due to massive stomach nerves. By the time I got there, I decided I should just wait till after the swim because I didn’t want to get sick (If I actually was to make it into the water).


I honestly don’t even remember being this worked up before my first marathon. I pulled in and Ben spotted me, while waiting for the rest of the group we decided we would make our way towards the lake.

After everyone arrived Kelly, Katy, Meaghann, Eric and it was time to make our way into the water…

Lucky lake girls

Here goes nothing..

I was off, but not without my awesome friends! Katy was awesome enough to be my swimming buddy. She is incredible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When I first took off I closed my eyes and felt okay. The water temp was great and the water was smooth. Then I opened my eyes… I quickly started to fill my gut with fear. Every bubble I felt, every time my head went into the water, I felt like I was bracing for something to drag me deep. At this point I am almost half way out, no turning back you can do this. Can I really? That’s when I lost my breath and rolled on my back and Katy talked me through it. Everything is fine and I am fine. She gave me great advice, count your strokes, it took the bad thoughts out of my mind.

Amber swimming

When we made it to the other side the others were waiting for us. We caught our breaths and the time came to make our way back across. I felt much more confident this time. Anytime I needed blue skies, I just rolled over and did the backstroke. ( It still counts.) Smile


When we finished, we decided for one more lap across.. So the ladies and I did a Half, treaded some water and then headed back. This was my chance to face the lake fear and open my eyes. 1. 2. 3. Open! It worked. Kind of. I feel like a few more times and I will feel more comfortable.

I have to say. I had the BEST support group and highly recommend friends if you are doing your first lake swim ( and have a fear of lakes). The power of a friend really showed today.


Once completed I got to go sign my name on the wall.. well ceiling Smile Only 99 more and I get to write my name in yellow!IMAG0566

I am so thrilled about my amazing accomplishment today and cannot wait to go back! Maybe next weekend? Look at all the cool goodies I got for finishing too! Winking smile


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Where did the time go


I cannot believe how long it has been since I wrote last. I have this feeling inside of me to come home everyday and write and sometimes I do (and don’t publish…). I am unsure why, but there is something about being on a computer all day at work, coming home to get a quick work out in, get dinner ready, while taking a shower, and organizing my new home. <—That I need to tell all about! –> And… My new job. Which is actually the same kind of job, just closer to where I live. P4301553

Since May few past me like a jet taking off. I have so much to catch up on. I spent a week in NM with my grandmother, then few over to St. Luis to watch a dear friend get married to the man of her dreams and of course my move from Orlando. P5142349

While all of this was happening I happen to also still be training :/ for my first Tri. Which aside from the swimming in the lake part I feel totally excited about. (FEAR OF LAKES PEOPLE).

Tomorrow I will make my first attempt to swim in a lake with other people and fish? I hope all goes well and look forward to experiencing something new and making a big accomplishment! This little blue number here is my new swimsuit that I got at T.J. Maxx for 18$ which was originally 58$. =) Swim cap @ Target = 9.29$


I will have to take the time and fill ya’ll in on everything that’s been going on. Sorry for the short post, but I am just getting back on my feet here. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am off to bed for an early wake up call. I seriously have nerves in my stomach. They will only go away once I have completed my goal and over taken my fear.

BRING IT ON! I AM WOMAN.. here me swim!

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Turning 24!



What a roller coaster this month has been. I have had a billion things going on. I can’t even believe its already my birthday! Yep. That’s right today is my birthday! Yay. Me! My birthday has been filled with great food, yummy cakes, and amazing friends!P4171196

A couple of weekends ago we went home to Ormond and Daddy took us out to dinner! It is my favorite little shrimp place called DJ’s Deck!P4171192

Afterwards we went home to cake!P4171204

It was chocolate. Carmel. Pecans. P4171207

This past week we also went to seasons 52. P4231347

We celebrated that awesome 3years..P4231351

With there ever changing menu and since it was such an occasion we got a bottle..P4231349

and I had the rainbow trout..


and ended the night with dessert..P4231354

It was an amazing night with a great view..


Back to the week..

My friends totally make my birthday fun! I ended up having to work today, but that is okay with me. I get to feel the love from all the residents and my amazing co-workers. I did take an extra long lunch to head over to Tailgaters to see Katy, Sam, Greg, Vickie (MIA) and Jackie! Smile  I even got Birthday gifts.. Can I turn 24 everyday? It is time for Mellow Mushroom!

Hope everyone had a great day. I know I did. There is still so much to catch everyone up on. I have the tri training, moving, packing, and continuing the celebration. Winking smile

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