Hello ladies and gentlemen.


My name is Amber and this journal is about me and trying to keep my life in shape. I find interest in lots of sports and outdoor activities. I always have. My weight has not always agreed with me and has had its ups and downs.

Reality hit when my mom had her first stroke and the doctors told her she wasn’t going to make it. Changes needed to happen. I am happy to say she is still here and still struggles from time to time. She has inspired me to be healthier, that I cannot take life for granted because exercising and eating right can make a difference.


A couple years ago, I met an amazing person. My boyfriend. David. You may see him on here from time to time. He is a great supporter and is trying to keep up with my choice of eating right and exercising daily.


Through David I met Kelly! Want to know how? Here’s the scoop. Her fiancé is my boyfriend’s cousin. So when Kelly and Anthony (her fiancé) started dating, we started dating being friends.

kelly and tony

 Kelly is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met and am so glad to have become very good friends with her. I made a new friend who introduced me to a whole other world. The blogging community! I was very skeptical at first. Then it was almost like an addiction that I had to read every day. This led me to wanting to exercise and finding new and exciting ways to exercise and eat new and fun foods. I just couldn’t get enough. After years of just reading and not saying a peep, I finally dove in.

And here I am.


I am a goofy character that just loves having a good time and hanging out with great friends. I have really started to love working out and running marathons. I have now started a new path to combine all the flavors of working out in one sport. A triathlon! Join me on my journey to enjoying life one day at a time, with some random ideas along the way!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please feel free to email at: amberdawn428@gmail.com


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