This weekend rocked!

Fives reasons this weekend rocked!

1. In case you missed it this weekend. I completed MY FIRST TRIATHLON! I can now say, ‘I am a triathlete!’ <- How cool is that? Not only did I get to finish it. But I got to place in my age group Smile Which I was super stoked about. Not to mention I got to spend it with some family. My dad and stepma Linda came out from Daytona and I woke David up bright and early so he could watch too!IMAG0734

I had an awesome camera crew support team that got some awesome pictures! My dad even got some pretty sweet video footage.

2. Afterwards we hit up Denny’s for breakfast to celebrate the sweet victory!


Since I just burned right around 1,000 calories I figured it was okay to splurge on a big breakfast. That is why we swim/bike/run after all? So we can eat enormous amounts of food afterwards? Winking smile

I went with the Grand Slam Slugger! Which included not only coffee, but OJ as well. Followed by pancakes, soft buttery, sweet pancakes.Then by bacon, eggs and hash browns! I cover my eggs in pepper, chop them up and dip my crunchy bacon into them. I drizzle my hash browns with ketchup!


This is what-this champion eats! Smile

3. I am normally not a nap person, but Saturday was an exception. It felt great to take a nap. I woke up feeling totally refreshed and ready for round two. Whatever round two was going to be. In my case it meant shopping, so David could get a few items for work. I was happy to help.

4. Afterwards we were both hungry and ready for dinner. We decided neither of us wanted to cook so we went out to eat. (We never eat out- two times in one day) Special treat! We headed over to Al House, because they usually have a good drink special. I stuck with my favorite. The margarita! CHEERS!


I also treated myself to a big juicy bistro burger; this came with lettuce,tomato, pickle, onion ring, cheese, special sauce and a side of crispy fries! NUM. NUM. IMAG0740

5. This weekend for some reason I was feeling a little extra spunk and rode the 7miles to work on my bicycle! Why? I am not sure why. I was feeling good and what better way to save in gas! Then I remembered, oh I have to ride back 7miles.. hah! It was a great ride though. I kept a good 15mph pace and it was my first experience on the rode with cars. I rode in a bike lane!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to all the supporters and great comments on yesterday’s post. Everyone made me feel amazing and you guys inspired me! Thank you again! *HUGS*

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting? Or did you take the weekend off and relax?

About randomamber

Hi. I've been looking for something new in my life. To help me find "me". Lately I have been into a lot of reading and it has insirpired me to do some writing of my own. I have a new found love for running again and trying to eat right to be healthy!
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4 Responses to This weekend rocked!

  1. Grace says:

    I feel like I pretty much did nothing this weekend…and if I’m not careful my Monday is looking that same way:( I do have a sushi date tonight though!

  2. Congrats, Amber!! That is an incredible feat. You rock my socks off!

  3. Yay Amber!!! Come visit me soon!! We’ll do some beach runnin’ & maybe some biking? There’s an awesome, huge bridge I’ve been wanting to tackle. 😉

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