Ponce Inlet Run!


This morning I woke up dark and early and quickly decided that I could totally sleep in 30 more minutes.. so I did. I got up, got ready and headed out. I decided I would do a run on the beach (since that is not an option in Orlando). It was so beautiful outside and very windy. I have not run on the beach since cross country in high school.. oh only about six years ago. So I figured I would take it easy and rest when I needed too. I took the sandy path over to the jetty and ran out and back. IMAG0459

Then through the wooden paths behind the dunes,IMAG0455

back out to the ocean shore and ran along the hard packed sand.


I had a blast and got 3miles in for a grand total of 27mintues! Holly cow I was kicking butt! I didn’t even realize it. I was just going with the flow and feeling great! I noticed my shoes are wearing fast and have a lot of miles on them now.IMAG0462

I can feel the shin splints.. I want to try and get through this last month and then I will trade them in for a new pair.


Afterwards I headed back to the house where breakfast was being cooked. It was a late breakfast because we spent some much time chit chatting on the beach with old friends.

(This is where I would normally insert a photo) <—Sorry!

I quickly inhaled it. It included eggs, sausage and biscuits! I licked it clean! Smile IMAG0468

I have packed a bag of veggie sticks to get me through the afternoon, these things are so good. They kind of remind me of Cheetos!

Time to head off for a day full of shopping, birthday celebrations and dinner later tonight with some of the family for more birthday celebrations!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


Over and out!

About randomamber

Hi. I've been looking for something new in my life. To help me find "me". Lately I have been into a lot of reading and it has insirpired me to do some writing of my own. I have a new found love for running again and trying to eat right to be healthy!
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