His last day

Today was an exciting day. Not. Really. It was Monday, which is kind of like my Sunday. Which means getting chores done, paying bills and catching up on stuff for work. Today was a little different though. It was the last lunch at his old job! He is so happy. Can’t you tell?


Lunch is all packed away in this hot pink bag! I brought him flat bread sandwich with spinach, cheese, grilled chicken and hummus = HOMEMADE! NUM!


This evening I did a 2mile incline run! Trying to prepare myself for these up coming bridges in the Iron Girl Half next weekend. (Trying being the key word)IMAG0399IMAG0398

I am hope to PR, if not at least I will know I went out there and gave I my all! I love running. I love racing. I love medals. Most of all I love spending time with friends and having a good time!


This is my little gym that I use. I can get my cross training in and it is great for raining or really hot days. Which Florida has a lot of. Basically it gets the job done.

So tonight Dave and I went out to Kobe for a mini date night. Since it was officially his last day!


We each had a drink and of course an amazing meal. Right now the Kobe on Colonial near where we are living has this great special for 29.99 for 2!P2041177

and great happy hour prices. You have to wait till 9 but it is worth it! Dave didn’t get off till 8pm anyway. So it always works out for us.


Started with Sushi! ❤ Growing up I was not a fan. Being an adult, I love.



MM fresh vegetables. So good! Who doesn’t love getting cooked in front of you! FIRE! Oh OH..


After a great night and wonderful food! I am stuffed and ready to hit the sheets! I am so excited for this month and can’t believe my birthday is right around the corner!!

Can you guess what date? Can you figure out what sign I am??

Loving life! Over and out! Hope you are too! Winking smile


About randomamber

Hi. I've been looking for something new in my life. To help me find "me". Lately I have been into a lot of reading and it has insirpired me to do some writing of my own. I have a new found love for running again and trying to eat right to be healthy!
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