To Run Or Not To Run

David called me to let me know he wanted steak for dinner, and his friend Tyler (from Ormond) would be joining us. I don’t eat steak very often, so it sounds good to me! So dinner was easy. Steak. Potatoes. Salad. Simple yet delicious. Started by marinating the steak in a couple spices; chili powder, pepper, & Grill Mates applewood rub. Topped it off with a little drizzle of Worcestershire sauce. After we’ve had the grill warming up for a while and the coals are burned down its time to place the steak on.


On to the potatoes. This is my specialty. Last night I decided on red potatoes and rosemary. Basically I cut the already small potatoes into 1/4’s and place into a boiling pan of water, mm about 15-20mins. P3271668

Once nice and soft I strain them out over the sink and then take the potatoes and place them on a pan I have already sprayed with olive oil. Now I sprinkle rosemary, pepper, very little salt and top with a dash of parsley. Stick in the oven for about 15-20mins or until golden brown.


Oh, the salad? Easy. One of those Publix salad kits. Mix salad with dressing top with croutons. Done. Smile

Time to eat!


While I was cooking last night Kelly asked if I would like to join her on an 8miler today. I said yes of course and we decided an early morning run would be a perfect way to start the day.. or not. I got brushed my teeth, pulled my hair back, got dressed and laced up my shoes; when Kelly called. Did you know it is raining? No!



Sad. Face. After all this time that I have known Kelly, this was going to be our first run together. Next time.


Today is a busy day. Guess it’s a good thing I am up early. Time to get some laundry done, breakfast cooked, and apartment shopping done!

Wish me luck, I will follow with details!

Have you ever gone apartment shopping? Did it end well?


About randomamber

Hi. I've been looking for something new in my life. To help me find "me". Lately I have been into a lot of reading and it has insirpired me to do some writing of my own. I have a new found love for running again and trying to eat right to be healthy!
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2 Responses to To Run Or Not To Run

  1. Those potatoes look yummy! The weather was so yucky today but I guess it was beautiful for at least a week. Hopefully your next run won’t get rained out!

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