Princess Expo


On Saturday I spent several house gallivanting around yet another health expo. The Jorsen center at world wide of sports was packed with rows and rows of running paraphernalia that could make any type of runner drool.


I know I was drooling. It was runner heaven! From sweatybands – to famous authors! I got to listen, meet and take a photo with this amazing person. When I ran my first marathon it was his words who helped me get through it and helped to keep love running afterwards!  Give it up for Jeff Galloway.


As much as I love running, I have bad knees and had knee surgery right out of high school. My doctor said don’t be surprised if I don’t run any more. Well, not knowing how much strength I had, it wasn’t until a friend of mine Kelly said, “You should run the Disney marathon.” I laughed at first, but ended up signing up for it.  It is hard work and I love the challenge that running gives me. Bring. It. ON. I hope to continue running as long as I am living.



So as the day continued with my friends mom Cheryl (first 1/2 marathoner), Jackie (2nd 1/2 marathon) and Kierstan ( supporter) we ended the day at the expo and headed to our hotel!


We dropped our bags and headed back out the door to get some grub. We decided on Italian. We drove over to I-drive and had originally picked Carrabba’s, but there was an hour wait. So… we headed over to Giordano’s. It was perfect, no wait and sat right down!


Food was awesome! We all munched on some bruschetta and I started with a small salad, for dinner I had a  very cheesy baked mostaccioli. Don’t worry I didn’t finish all that, I barely got through 1/2 of it.


This is where the night ends. Now for the morning to begin!


About randomamber

Hi. I've been looking for something new in my life. To help me find "me". Lately I have been into a lot of reading and it has insirpired me to do some writing of my own. I have a new found love for running again and trying to eat right to be healthy!
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